Lonely Road

Chapter Three: Jack 

Whttingdale is empty now. Everybody has left in their trucks. The weather is still dry and hot and crops are not going grow in these conditions. It’s a dead end road and those who stay are going to drop dead not long after from starvation. At the heart of it all, there was this fervor goin’ round town that they were going to strike it rich elsewhere… so why stay?

Jack, a young man of 30, whose family left him for something better, was one of ‘em residents who didn’t know what to do. He knew, like most residents that this place was a dead end road, but he had a job and children to feed.He missed them so much and hoped that they’d come back some day just to see them again. He was tired of walking a lonely road. He needed that job to take ‘em out to the fanciest restaurant there was.

Everybody was moving to Longwood, but he knew that factory jobs wasn’t the way to go. It’s just another dead end road. Factory jobs were filling up fast.The city was the way to go, so he went. It was a long road there. He had to make it- he gave up all for it.

A full moon shone brightly when he started off his journey as a new beginning begged.  He had driven all night and the effects were showing. Barely able to open his eye- he tried to sleep, but kept thinking about what he left behind. He worried for his kids. It was really a fairytale without a happy ending. He lost his family, and then left his job that defined him for all those years to start anew. Anew with great uncertainty and a longing for home so far away.

He asked God it had to be this way. He caught himself half way and thought… maybe … just maybe… it will all work out.   


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