Chapter Four: Hamilton 

It was evening and cool by the time Hamilton had reached the city. The cool summer evening. It will be alright. He won’t be going farther. This is home. It’s fine to take it slow.

His mother, knowing that it was his destiny to go,  still patiently waits on her doorstep. She waits for her son to return home one day. His bed untouched. She gently strokes the soft retriever, whispering her wishes and hymns she used to sing with him. Praying for her son to come home. Hamilton longed for home, but it was his destiny to go. He wrote his mother almost on a daily basis.

Dear mother,

I am doing well, but I long for home. I miss you and the times we had together. I hope and father are okay and doing well. I will be home one day. The city is bustling with activity. See you soon.

– Hamilton.   

Dear Hamilton,

Father and I are doing well. We long for your return, but I know you are doing great things. We miss you very dearly.


Several months passed by, Hamilton found a calling in the civil rights movement- as an activist for the unheard- while holding a job in the city. Mother and Hamilton were still corresponding. Expecting another letter from his mother, he was taken aback when he received a letter from his father.

Dear Hamilton, my only son,

Mother isn’t feeling well. Please come home.


Worried sick for his mother back home, he was at a crossroad. Was he going to leave everything behind- everything that he had made for himself in the city. He took a glance at his mother’s faded photo and put on his glossy black leather motorcycle jacket and headed out- home. He felt that he was losing control of life as everything unraveled before his eyes. It was the perfect disaster. He mounted on his motorbike and started it, but before he went, he stared at his apartment and bid it farewell for he loved the city.

He rode into the summer’s dusk with a slight breeze that felt liberating. No, he was not happy leaving, but he felt happy. He was liberated, only if it was just a couple of months. The city was liberating for him- he was unstuck from his past that he so desperately wanted to get away from.



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