Chapter Five: Jack

Part I

Highway 68 was nearly empty at this time of day. Everybody is home with their families or sitting watching the TV. Some of them are probably dead sleep. Jack, himself, was tired. He was reminiscing about all the times that life went right. The times when he wasn’t estranged from his family and when he had a job. He wondered if it will turn out fine at the end of the day. He was at an all time low.

He was also flustered by a secret he held for far too long. It consumed his thoughts and it slowly ate at his soul. It was too painful. He was dying slowly, maybe not physically, but mentally and thought about ending it all. At the end of the day, he was broken deep inside. He wanted to die. Walking solemnly for some time, with his head down, on Highway 68 he arrived at an overpass ready to end it all.  

He thought about suicide.

Part II

Jack slowly walked to the bridge. The evening breeze blew gently on his face. He wanted to jump so desperately, but couldn’t bring himself to do it. He knew he was a lost cause, but he wanted to make sure that someone else won’t. He wanted others to try and find happiness- something he could not.

Having a habit of carrying a pen and notepad, he scribbled something short, but meaningful:

Dear friend,

I was living in misery. I lost my job, my family, and my livelihood, so I tried to start anew. I wasn’t sure of anything anymore. All I found was loneliness, despair, and regret. Yet strangely, I feel nothing personally. A void. I’ve kept a secret that was eating at me- slowly and painfully- and far too scared to tell. Isn’t it strange that those who claim to know are the ones who really don’t?  Deep down I can’t bear it anymore. It is far too late for me to find happiness. Wherever you are in life, Please do not give up.



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