The Whttingdale Beat: 1969

Chapter Two: Hamilton

1969 was a big year. There was the presidential election, which resulted in a new president being elected into office. There was the moon landing. There was the hippie movement and the music revolution. Sexual revolution and the whole nine. None of that mattered to the Whttingdale residents of course.

They were either concerned with the yield of their crops or moving out to Longwood. There was one fellow by the name of Hamilton who was different. Unlike the rest, he was young. Some early thirties. Though young, his demeanor was that of an elder. One of the very few intellectuals in Whttingdale, he engrossed himself The Times and caught himself watching the news daily. Times are changing he very nonchalantly remarked. They are so free spirited experimenting daily in these new music and lifestyle tastes.

For he knew in order to made a diffrence in 1969, crops and moving to Longwood was not the way. For he had to get up close to the action. For he had to move to the city. Unlike the rest, crops were not a means of living. With the drought, it was a dead end road. For he knew moving to Longwood was not the answer either. Factory jobs as not a great way to make a living in the long run. Very wise indeed, but in theory. Practice was another matter. He did not have to worry about such things, as how to make a living. His father and mother worked in the restaurant business. They owned a local tavern around the corner. The men in the town made them quite rich. The men, at the end of the day, tired from toiling away at their land quite fruitlessly came to ease their pain by ordering some whisky. The drought made everyone poor, but Hamilton and his family. It made them rich.

Hamilton was alienated from the business. Liquor made the men worse. With their family and most importantly with their health. Armed with some cash from the restaurant business, he wished his folks farewell, packed his bags and hopped in his Mustang and sped off to the city vowing never to return.

One might think Hamilton selfish, but as an intellectual he saw something no one saw or at least if everyone took notice did not react. Probably turning a blind eye to the problems they faced. He was ahead of his time. Many, like Jack would also soon realize this. Alienated from his family, he would long for going into the city to find new opportunities. However, he would be called into the city for a very different reason.


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