Let me take you back. I was tasked to write about homelessness in a college class. I could do any topic pertaining to homelessness. I thought about writing a comparative study on homelessness in different countries, social and political causes of homelessness, deviance and homelessness, and LGBT youth homelessness. LGBT youth homelessness seemed the most interesting and I would enjoy writing it. Yet, I had doubts about writing it and I was fixated on doing the others “just to pass the class.”

In the end, I threw away my doubts and wrote about LGBT homelessness. I am so glad that I ended up writing that topic because I, for one, knew I would enjoy the process. Second, I learned a lot about the seriousness of the problem. Third, I wanted to shed light and educate people on a topic that is not discussed or understood well.

In other words, I decided to do justice to those millions of homeless youths, of which 20- 40 percent identify as LGBT. Many of them are bullied and kicked out of their houses. Many of whom end up on the streets and engage in harmful activities, such as survival sex. Activities, such as survival sex, may lead to acquiring HIV. This leads me to the fourth reason. I wanted to find a solution to help end this atrocity. Yet, the fifth and final reason was the reason that led me to doubt myself. I am a member of the LGBT community.

All my best friends know, but I was not ready to come out to my professors yet. In my mind, I was afraid. I was afraid of the reaction that my professor might get the hint and find out I am gay. I wasn’t ready yet. Trust me, no one likes to do what they are afraid to do as it might reveal our insecurities and vulnerabilities– reveal our flaws. No one likes to be exposed and feel unprotected. Yet, I decided to do it because I felt that I needed to give a megaphone and I needed to do justice to the voiceless. I needed to tell it like it is. I needed spread the words so that, together, we can find a solution.

My message isn’t so much about coming out and not being afraid of being you. My message for you is to do what you are afraid to do. You might learn something and teach others in the process. It might even make you a better person and want to do justice in this world. I know I did.





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