Just Words

Blind, deaf, Cerebral Palsy, paraplegics, words, and more words. Aren’t these just words? Do they really mean anything? I mean, seriously. They are just words attached to certain medical conditions. Both having a disability and hanging out with disabled people helped me realize we were just like people without disabilities. We just can’t do certain things, but find other innovative ways of accomplishing things. We live successful lives and have hobbies. In my opinion, having a disability is just like being labeled as tall if you were vertically long.

You wouldn’t call a bald guy disabled! Yet, society doesn’t see disability that way. Society seems to find it not normal, something that deviates from the norm. It is labeled as a medical condition and treated as such. We are looked down upon with pity. Sometimes being labeled as helpless. We are people in need of charity and are not capable. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2015, only 17.5 percent of persons with a disability were employed, compared to 65 percent of those without a disability.

Ready? Time for a paradigm shift. I want you to think about disability, not as a disability because we are not all that different. We all live on Earth, for one. We all need water, food, shelter to survive. We all have hobbies and contribute to society in some way. Most importantly, we are all human.

In the end, we are all part of the human race. We all want to be treated as human. We all want an equal chance to succeed in life! Next time you see a disabled person say hi! We are just like you. Most of us won’t bite!




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