The Art of Music: Music as Medicine

In these turbulent times, we need more music and less politics. Music can help bridge the differences and bring people together. The power of good music can be felt universally throughout different cultures. Music can bring similar emotions and bring to light similar past, present, and futures experiences. From all walks of life, music can move us to tears or bring us to joy. Music can bring us together in a way that words cannot, that politics cannot.

When politics can tear us apart and create barriers, music becomes an effective means of communication. Not only can music be felt in the same way from all walks of life. It can define us as people. All people need music. According to artist Theodore Bikel, “Human beings are in need of music — not as frill and luxury but as a basic necessity.” Nietzsche noted, “Without music, life would be a mistake.”

It has been proven time and again that music has very beneficial effects on the human body. In a number of studies, music can:

  1. Music can make you happier
  2. Music can improve your health, such as lowering blood pressure
  3. Music can reduce depression and anxiety
  4. Music can keep an aging brain healthier 

Anecdotally, iconic bands such as the Beatles and the Police could be enjoyed by all people. We could all find some meaning in music and connect it back to our shared experiences, such as loss.Through music, we could find similarities. Music is a universal language; all of us could find comfort in listening to music, so isn’t it time to promote music– one of the only things that can bring us together?




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