The Catcher: Outta My League

Chapter Two: Outta My League

It was a summer evening on a Friday and behind my clothes I felt like I was on fire. I was sweating profusely from head to toe. So much sweat was falling from my face it looked like Niagara Falls!

We just won a big game against our rival– more like our arch enemy. We have been rivals since the dawn of time. Now game time is over and I can be the true me. I’m known as “Wolf” on the field cause I’m a ruthless predator on the field.

Trust me, I’m not that mean. I just do it to get in their heads–I’m actually genuinely a nice and caring guy. So, I guess it’s true nice guys finish last cause I haven’t found the one.

I keep dreamin’ of a happily ever after with him, but Andrew is wayyy outta my league. Plus, I keep fuckin up and miss those damn chances. All I wanted was to be with somebody who I liked and cared about me. Is that too much to ask?

But, I digress, I heard that there was a concert going on Main and that a really famous local band was performing and it was gunna be lit as fuck.

Since I had nothing to do after the game I thought that I’d attend the concert. I pull up to the venue in my metallic silver Lexus IS350 sports car. As I made my way through the crowds trying to find a friend or two, I saw Andrew. I was quite surprised as he is never round this area. But, I knew, I knew God put him here for a reason. To give me another chance. I gotta, I just gotta. I gotta before this chance passes.  Just like every other fuckin chance that I had.




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