Chronicles From a Nobody: Chances

Chapter Two: One More Chance

Hi, it’s Lance. I wish there could be more chances at life. You know, do overs– to right the wrongs. To make things better. One more chance could be the best thing right now. Everything in my life right now is screwed up. Its woulda, coulda, shoulda. I’m a screw up. I wish I could right the wrongs. A better son, a better student.

Someone that people could be proud of. When dad left, I wish I woulda, shoulda, coulda been there for my mom… instead I’m out hangin with my friends. Now, I wish I shoulda, woulda, coulda do more for mom so she could take a break. But I don’t know– I really don’t. I’m a dirtbag, just like everyone here– deadbeat up to no good.

Yeah, I coulda, shoulda been a better student. Instead– well I am not going to go there. Yeah, she had a dream for me. Well, I guess, she wanted me to go to college or some ‘upper level’ education. Yet, I was up to no good. You know, I just wish I had more chances at life– just one more chance would be nice. Turn back time… something like that… Just like baseball.

You know what I love about baseball? Chances. That’s right. Chances. In baseball you get nine innings to make magic happen. When you’re up at bat, you get three chances to hit a homer– you know.

I remember this time when one of the hitters got hurt and I got picked as the replacement. Mind you, I was a good hitter, but wasn’t a GREAT hitter. I was a pitcher. My job was to pitch and I was a PRO. But it was an emergency situation, what can you do? I was up to bat, you know. The first two hits were no good.

A granny could have hit better, really. Yet somehow I managed a homer on the third try. A fuckin’ homerun. It was awesome. Well, in life, it’s not like baseball, you got one shot at something and you make it or screw it up. I gotta make it up somehow, there MUST be a way, right? I gotta. I can make it right.

There’s this park on Rich Lane and Sky Road. I love going there sometimes at night. I love to sit on the ever so soft grass feeling the wind against my face while looking up at the starry sky–I’m on cloud nine. It’s beautiful. I love to dream of a world where I had a chance to make it right and get us out of this dump. I guess…I guess you can dream, right? Dreams keep hope alive– you know… just another chance to make things right.




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