Chronicles From A Nobody: Glory

Chapter One: Friday Night Lights

Hi, it’s Lance. Yes, the same Lance from Dreams From Two Towns. It’s a Friday night and I am free. Mom’s at her job –the graveyard shift again. I have the house all to myself. I have to make myself dinner, but we don’t have much in the fridge to make much of anything, so I eat cheap take out pizza.

As  I sit on a really old beat up couch– the fabric is ripped– I turn the television on to see if there is anything new. It’s the weather and politics on some news channel–  which I don’t understand half of it anyway. I mean, it must be nice though, being a politician. Having so much power and can do so many things and get to be on TV and all. All famous and stuff.

I want to be famous. You know make it big on TV and everybody would know my name. Shine so brightly like stars in the night sky. I want to be… and now look where I am! In this shithole. In my dream, I like to imagine that I’m some celebrity where everybody knows my name. It’s the only comfort to me. It’s my only source of comfort– to keep up my hopes that one day I’ll get out of this place and make it big. Just like back in the day– in middle school. Baseball.

You know somethin’ I got my first taste of fame playing baseball in fuckin’ middle school. You know I was that best pitcher in town. The other team got nothin’ on me. I was the town favorite. You know, they’d cheer me on in the stands– every game I played. I was a household name– even our mayor knew me! The fuckin’ mayor. It felt nice, nice to be on top. Be a star– the center of attention. Everybody knew my name. Then the economy started to go bad and businesses here began to leave the town, people began to leave town one by one to find jobs elsewhere Look at me now– I’m a nobody. No one knows me now.

My life is like a romance fairy- tale gone sour. It’s a Shakespearian tragedy. I’m on top of the world one moment and a dirtbag the next. I guess fame doesn’t last. It’s like a really, REALLY bad craving you know– fame is. Once you’re off you experience withdrawal symptoms. You crave it again.

I don’t share this with people here.It’s not that it’s raw. I like being raw cause that’s when I can be the most honest and real. It’s just that no one cares about that here. It’s a shithole here and everybody’s got their own problem to deal with and they don’t want or have the time to hear mine. I’m a nobody.




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