Dreams from Two Towns: JERRY’S

Chapter Three: Matt

It felt like springtime on one chilly Friday evening, I walked alone on a dimly lit sidewalk. Without any destination in mind. Just somewhere, anywhere outside of here– thought about the west side though. Heard the grass is greener there. I’m tired of being in the same place. Friday evenings are my only time away from here. I wish someone could take me outta here– forever– not just friday evenings. It was a Friday and free.

It was Friday evening that I will never forget. I went the distance and reached the westside. It felt like home; the westside is a place where I was meant to be. Everything here is so different– not many people are here.

Kinda abandoned and dilapidated. The roads are cracked and the buildings are in disrepair. Heck, some lights are dimmed, some are flickering, but it’s so peaceful and calming. So beautiful. It’s freeing, but I don’t know why.

I’m on Main and it’s a stretch of nothingness— an empty street that feels like it goes for miles. Most of the stores are closed, but there is a purple, blue, and yellow vintage neon sign still shining brightly as can be. Cautious, but curious, I slowly walk toward the light. It says: JERRY’S. Yes. All in big letters. It’s a bowling alley.

The door dings as I walk in. Accidentally in Love is playing in the background. Few people are there and some give me strange looks, but I pay no mind. I see Lance.  I get distracted by a grouchy deep voice: Whatchu want son?

Startled, I replied: uh… shoes and a bowling ball please.

The grouchy deep voiced man replied: Here…Six dollars

I gave him the six and put on the shoes and walked over to Lance.

He looked so burned out, yet so perfect with his short blonde hair and blue eyes.





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