Dreams from Two Towns: Dreams from the West

Chapter Two: Lance

Nothing stays the same. Everything changes so fast. Especially people here. People come and go. One day they’re here and the next they are gone. I just wish that everything stayed the same. Why can’t they stay the same– even if it’s just for a day.

Every night I would wish upon a shooting star that everything would stay the same and nothing would change. I’ve been told that I should make some friends round here. But, what’s the point? They’re gunna be gone sooner or later. Sooner than later. Attachments only leave me feeling empty and heartbroken. I much rather be alone and do my own thing– on my time.

It wasn’t always this way. It used to be a stable town– people stayed where they grew up. Some of my former neighbors were in this town for 40 years!  Couple years ago that all changed. Businesses here began to leave the town, people began to leave town one by one to find jobs elsewhere. Yeah, I mean people came, but found no reason to stay– so they left.

My own family is in shambles. Dad’s gone– found a job elsewhere– just left (snaps)– like that. Never heard from him again. Mom worked her ass off, and still does to this day, working long hours to make ends meet and, if we are lucky, a bit surplus. Yet again, that leaves me all alone.

My only solace is a 2003 silver S2000. It’s one thing I can call mine. One thing that won’t leave my side. Something that doesn’t change. My friend. I can drive for miles on end into the abyss into the night with the stars shining brightly. Top down, feeling the wind press against my face. Sometimes when I drive I dream of a fairytale life where it could be the same— ever the same.  


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