Dreams From Two Towns: Dreams from the East

Chapter One: Matt

I can just remember sitting everyday at night just looking at the stars and the moon, oh how it shined so brightly. They twinkled just like in a dream. Every night I would wish upon a shooting star that I can be me and that I can fly away from here. Just like those majestic Eagles soaring sky high. Not giving the care in the world.

Of all the places I can be born, I was born in the east side of town. Nothing happens around here. Everyone hiding behind their white picket fences. Everyone is so into themselves here. It’s dead here. You know what I really hate? Everyone wants to preserve the status quo. The way it has always been. Nothing changes. It’s a tragedy. What could have been liveliness and flexibility is gone. Difference is shunned upon.

I am different. I am unique as can be. No one wants THAT here! No one cares about ‘special’ here. I wish I can fly away… Be me. And yet, I’m stuck here in this shithole. In a dead town. Shit will go through the roof if I tell them I’m different and if I want change.

There is this guy from the west side, Lance; he hangs by the high school over on Main and Mountain. Lance has short blonde hair, is tall, and built. The way he smiles though…And I just wish upon a star that someday… (Sighs)… Forget it. He’s just so perfect… so free… So different. A rebel. Why can’t I…?



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