Beautiful Ride

“But the struggles make me stronger

And the changes make me wise

And happiness has it’s own way of takin it’s sweet time”

– Gary Allan, ‘Life ain’t Always Beautiful’


Fireworks exploding in the air at night, with all its beautiful colors booming into the air at night. It’s just so magical. And in a sense they are so unexpected– you don’t know what colors are going to appear until it does appear. When it does, it does only for a short time. Kinda like life. Bad things happen in life, but it can be unexpectedly beautiful at the same time. Unexpectedly magical.


Yet, many of us don’t see it this way because… well life is mundane and sometimes brutal. It takes no prisoners sometimes. Sometimes life just doesn’t go as planned and treats you badly. We get put down by others, not accepted by others, or just stuck in a pit.


It would be nice if life could be like a fairytale– kumbaya.  Sometimes we just wish we can forget about life– even just for a while. Maybe it’s driving for miles on end into the abyss at night with the stars shining brightly. Top down, feeling the wind press against your face.


Or going to the beach, feeling the warmness of the sun or the coolness of the water touch your feet. Or sitting on the grass looking up into the night sky with stars shining oh so brightly— dreamin’ of a fairytale life. Carefree, no worries about the struggles of life. Yet, we are stuck in reality, going through put downs, letdowns, non acceptance, or a day job we hate. It really is a tragedy.


Life is supposed to be nice and a fairytale, after all we didn’t ask to be born into this. It’s supposed to treat us right, right? If everyone and everything would just not let us down, put us down,  and show acceptance. Maybe if everyone could get a job they love?


Here’s the thing, life ain’t always pretty, but it sure is heck a beautiful ride!



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