Parts Unknown

Recently, I felt a great urging to explore and travel. Whether it be traveling to a foreign country, I always wanted to go to the United kingdom or Japan, or just exploring new places locally. This was fueled even more by a youtuber named Josh who travels all over the world (Japan) and many rarely visited locations on the state side. He takes his viewers on a journey and a lot of those places are so scenic, really out of this world– breathtakingly magical.


Likewise, I have been hooked on a show called Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown on CNN hosted by World renowned Chef Anthony Bourdain, where he takes the viewers on a journey to parts unknown and let us experience with him the rich culture, landscape, and food. All the while I was at home staring at my computer screen or going places where I have been many times before. I told myself I must visit parts unvisited. I realized that all the beautiful places exist where few (or zero) people have been. I wanted to experience somewhere magical– out of this world.


I decided to find a place where I can explore and found it– The Zuck Arboretum in New Jersey, which is a hiking trail through a forest preserve. I had been there before, but due to time and the terrible weather I had to hike quickly. Now that it was the summer, I had more time on my hands and the weather was superb, I could explore. When I hiked on the trail, I took in the beautiful view. Also, when I deemed it safe, I went off the trail, climbing over and under obstacles to explore parts unvisited. The forest is very magical— out of this world. I even took some pictures to show everyone its fairytale like features.


This trip convinced me even more so that the beautiful places exist where few (or zero) people have been– parts unvisited. I’ll be exploring more parts unvisited– you can count on it. So, if you have the urge to experience something new, someplace magical– like I did– go to some place new, someplace you have never been before, someplace few know about. You will be blown away. Take my word for it!


Photo: a part of the Zuck Arboretum taken by the author.




One thought on “Parts Unknown

  1. Hey Tom! Just got round to reading this and once again, great work! The natural world is one of the best refuges there is from the negative thoughts that often occupy our minds. I want to travel some day -I just don’t know where to! Your post reminded me to actually look more into where to go.

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