Feeling Exposed

If you asked me a year ago to talk about my insecurities and flaws; I couldn’t do it. Namely my disability and how I look. I felt exposed and I felt flawed and no one wants to feel exposed and flawed for fear of abandonment or ridicule. It was even harder for me when I had have social anxiety and had a rough childhood until 5th grade. It didn’t really get any better until high school and college where I got to start anew.

Due to this fear, I never talked about my disability for fear that people would ridicule me and friends would abandon me (I know now that that thought was preposterous), but due to social anxiety and past experiences I did think that. Over the past couple months, I started opening up about who I am and my disability (long story about the reason I opened up about it) and realized that nobody give a shit about that.

Everyone I know respected me for me. For who I am. They only care about my personality. I’ve gotten so many positive comments since I opened up about my disability (Hemiparesis) from my friends all the way to a VP of my university.

Here’s the thing guys and gals, it’s okay to open up. You don’t have to do it now. It took me 21 years!!! People who truly care about you will respect you for you!! Just know someone somewhere cares!!!













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