Becoming a Superhero

I wanted to change the world, like Superman, zipping through the sky saving people. Yet, I find myself always feeling I was not enough; that what I was doing is not enough. Yeah, I helped people whenever I can, like the time I swapped seats with a lady who wanted an aisle seat instead of a middle seat on my flight back from California. Or the time where I helped a student who was lost in the middle of campus find his way.


I wasn’t satisfied. I wanted to make a massive change. I’m a big dreamer– what can I say!  I wanted to change the world– help the masses. All I had was a goal, but I didn’t know how to achieve it.


I finally found my inspiration as I was watching Youtube videos– of all places. I stumbled on a channel called MikeMGTV. He made a series of videos detailing his personal struggles with topics such as social anxiety and body insecurities. As I watched each of these videos I saw what a positive impact it had on me personally and I could tell how it positively impacted his many other viewers through the comments below his videos. It positively impacted me because, I too, was dealing with these same issues.  


Then it clicked! I could use a social media platform where the stories of my personal struggles could reach and hopefully inspire millions around the world. I thought of Youtube, but my strengths were in writing not filmmaking. I had an idea. I could start using my pre- existing blog page (the blog you are reading this on) and post the stories of my personal struggles on here.


So, if are like me, wanting to change the world, don’t lose that dream. Ever. Find a way to use your strengths, for me it was writing, and you could be the next superhero that CAN make the world a better place!




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