The Friend Who Saved Me

Every now and then someone comes and saves you in every way you can be saved. Here’s how I was saved. During the fall semester of 2014 I took a required class called Sociology 210: Research Methods and at that point in time I had no real academic goal, but to do better than the previous semester. I didn’t really know how to do well; I went at it rather aimlessly. There was this classmate who at that time I knew nothing of. At first glance he looked like an average student (in fact, a little bit below). I was dead wrong, and he would be the one that saved me and slowly guided me to the right direction. It was because of him that I am who I am now. Allow me to continue. We got our grades a writing project in Research Methods and I did horrible and he was one of the top performers. We got the chance to rewrite and I asked him for help; he obliged willingly and I got an A for that class. As time went on I got to know him more and became great friends.

Though we were great friends, unbeknownst to me he was really an above average student. After digging deeper, I found out that he was on the Dean’s list, on the sociology international honor society (AKD). He saved me academically because I had no specific goal to achieve, but now I had a goal. I was determined to get on the Dean’s list and AKD. I worked my butt off and asked for help from professors and students. I was determined to be like him. My hard work succeeded and I have been on the Dean’s list for three semesters and am on AKD. I am like him. He recently graduated with Magna Cum Laude and, well, that’s my next goal.

He saved me in other ways too. Before him I never really had a stable social life in college. I never really did any activities nor did I have many friends. After I met him I had a stable friend, not just fleeting acquaintances. We also got heavily involved in a radio show on campus sponsored by WMNJ (Drew University’s own student run radio station). He saved me mentally. He was there to support me when I needed it and accepted me for who I was. He was there when I came out and he was there in times of academic or personal troubles. Most importantly, he made me feel worthwhile when I didn’t feel I was worth anything. He cared. He is the friend that I would trust my life with. He was my partner in crime as well!

Regrettably, I wish we had more time together and wished I had said all of these things in person before he left, but it’s too late now. Yet, I might find comfort in what Dr. Seuss said; “Don’t cry because it’s over. Smile because it happened.” With that being said, I wish you, the reader, would find someone who will save you in every way you can be saved. Hope you find someone who selflessly puts you over them. Before I go I would like to leave you with a quote: “A true friend reaches for your hand and touches your heart.”- Author Unknown