Friendships: A link to life and happiness

Walter Winchell said it best, “A real friend is one who walks in when the rest of the world walks out.” Even through they are rare, I have experienced my fair share of them in my lifetime and I think most of us have. They are the people who stick out in our minds after some time has passed because they have influenced us in someway for the better. They are almost superhuman to us.   In this essay I would explain to you what good friendships provide us and I will explain why these things they provide us are beneficial in daily life.

Some of them provided themselves as role models for us follow, gave advice when we were lost. Let me illustrate, I have a friend who helped me get through my underclassmen years back in high school. He helped me succeed in high school by providing himself as a role model. He was an A student, who eventually got into the National Honor Society, and an all- star athlete. I strived to be like him all through high school. I wanted to be like him. I strived to get all A’s so that I could be in the National Honor Society. I was on the honor roll and eventually got in the National honor Society. Without him I wouldn’t have done as well academically because I would not have a good goal to reach. He also gave me advice when I came to academics about doing my best and striving for better.

They are they people that would sacrifice their time for us. They are the people who we look forward to seeing. They are also the people who are fun to be around and time passes by when we hang around them. Let me illustrate, I have a friend, I met a while back, who saw selfishly sacrificed time to talk to me whenever I need it. In fact, just the other day, I spend about twenty minutes, but who’s counting anyway, talking about my life and my personal problems and he just patiently listened and gave advice and encouragement. The times that we spend time together, such as the times we are in the University radio booth, time so passes by so fast and I look forward to it every week.

Why are friendships so important in our lives? Why is having a role model, having someone to talk to, or someone you look forward to seeing such a wonderful thing? I believe that they are necessary because they provide a support group that you can rely on if we have any trouble. They also provide us goals that we would want to reach. Having goals gives us purpose in life because we want to work hard and reach those goals. Having friendships makes us happy and healthy because we can vent to them our problems that made us very unhappy. They can try to solve it.   It is very unhealthy to bottle our problems up, as it might lead to mental health issues. Many times when we keep our problems to ourselves we may end up feeling depressed and lonely. Depression may lead to suicide. Likewise, having friends we look forward to seeing make us want to live and look forward to another day, even when other things in your life seem bleak.


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