Silent Night: My Thoughts on Ferguson and Eric Garner

I have stayed silent following the recent events in Florida, Ferguson, MO, Cleveland and Staten Island that caused mass public unrest. It wasn’t that I didn’t have an opinion, everybody has an opinion about something; it was just I didn’t know how to express myself without sounding like ‘Mr. Bad Guy’ favoring one opinion over the other. Both sides make great arguments. But, after reading an article that my mentor posted on his Twitter account called “Breaking My Silence on Ferguson and Eric Garner” by Tom Krieglstein, I have also decided to break my silence.

I do believe that all lives matter, including African American lives, discrimination is still prevalent in today’s society, and these victims should not have died at the hands of the very people who protect us. However, as a critical sociologist and a religious person, I agree with Krieglstein, I do not believe that these police officers mean harm. The police officers did not wake up on one fine morning intending to kill someone.

Furthermore, I believe that sometimes the officers’ get caught up in the heat of the moment and become overly aggressive and inadvertently harm someone. I am sure you get into arguments with friends or your parent(s) and get caught in the moment and did not mean to harm that those people. In conclusion, yes, what these police officers did was inexcusable and I do not condone their actions, but remember police officers are humans and they do get caught up in the moment and harm someone by accident. All people are good people deep down.




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