Agenda vs Individual

Lately, home realtors and home makeover hosts David and Jason Benham lost their future show on HGTV because of this quote about homosexuality. David Benham said, “we have a homosexuality and agenda that is attacking the nation”( It backfired on them because HGTV and the media probably thought that they were against LGBTs in general (both people and the agenda). This quote (which was taken out of context) prompted the brothers to set things straight with Erin Burnett of CNN,”we just set the record straight, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to say directly to the camera that we love homosexuals …we have nothing against the people. There’s a difference between the people and an agenda” (

As an ally, here is my take. First, I agree that the media has taken the quote WAY out of context (to assume that the “agenda” encompasses both the agenda and the people involved (LGBTs); “the agenda”and “the people” are two different things (they even have different definitions– GASP!!!). Agenda is defined as, “an underlying often ideological plan or program” ( and people are defined as,”persons (human being) indefinitely or collectively” ( Second, lets come up with an example, say for instance you had a very very nice math teacher that gave you all good grades, but on one fine morning she decided to teach fractions (which you dislike). Would you hate her and cut off all contact with her for this? Probably not. It’s the same thing here, just because they hate the homosexual agenda (just like you dislike the math teacher teaching fractions on one fine morning) does not mean you hate the teacher (them not hating LGBT’s)


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