Mass Deceptions by Scott A. Bonn Book Review

As a student interested in Sociology (specialized in Criminology) I am particularly fond of Mass Deception: moral panic on Iraq (2010) written by Scott A. Bonn, a prolific author and professor of Sociology at Drew University. The author eloquently wrote about how the Bush Administration rallied support for the War on Iraq. He argues that Bush capitalized on a threat [9/11] to stir public unrest by blaming Iraq for the alleged WMDs and an utopian society would arise by deposing S. Hussein. The world would also somehow be free of terrorist attacks. I argue that at that time the public believed Bush because they want to just blame somebody for the attacks and destroy them, just for their comfort. At that time, nobody really considered that there were no links between ‘bin Laden’ and Iraq leader S. Hussein, nor did they consider the validity of WMDs.

The reason why this particular book was so good is because he presented it in ‘English’, the common folk language. This book was informative, but not stuffed with complex terms that no one would be able to decipher! He also ends it strong with a quote for the reader to ponder.

This book is a re read! Very well done.


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