How the Media Facilitates Fear of Crime

It is quite interesting that people (that I have asked) think that crime has stayed the same or gone up despite facts proving that it has gone down. Then why does this belief that crime is at an all time high still hold true and why do people still fear the thought of getting killed?I believe that the media facilitates the fear of ‘getting killed’. According to studies done in the recent past the media is a factor in facilitating moral panic on it’s viewers (Kohm, Waid- Lindberg, Weinrath, Shelley, and Dobbs 2012). Moral panic can be defined as making an exaggerating claim about a problem to cause fear (Bonn 2010).  For example, we see on the news, like the 5 o’clock news, “someone shot, you can be the next victim tune in  to watch more on how to protect yourself at 5”. These tag lines cause people to think that crime is every where and happens every day! This model that the media uses is known as the ‘in direct victimization model’ which states in simple terms, though you are not the direct victim of crime news media report crime so often that you think you could be the next victim (Kohm, Waid- Lindberg, Weinrath, Shelley, and Dobbs 2012). Why do the media companies do that… give us false information? They want ratings and viewings. They know the public likes drama and crime thus they broadcast that to us. Nevertheless,    crime happens and occurs sporadically, but it has gone down. 


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