The Desire for Fame and Self Affirmation on the Web

As a person who is interested in criminology and why people commit crimes. In essence, I like to study the motives of criminals. Thus for my writing class I chose to study why homophobic cyber bullies commit the heinous acts. One might expect that their political and religious beliefs have something to do with it, yes it does somewhat. What I have found, not just with homophobic cyber bullying, but with all types of cyber bullying is that fame and self affirmation is the key reason why bullies bully. Now the question of why the desire fame and self affirmation is because of self esteem. Studies have shown that bullies have rather low self esteems and feel unimportant in society. They put down the victim because they feel the thrill of controlling others and being “the boss” will raise their self esteem because they feel they are superior to others and that makes them feel important and listened to. Now why so they facilitate their acts online. Well, there are many many people online. According to one study about 50 million ppl used social media, and that was in 2006! By posting an exaggerated claim to cause moral panic among the users of social media, the tormentors will get quick access to fame for the worst, everyone that is online will get engaged in the bullies’ post somehow.

Now knowing that pattern among bullies, how do we prevent it? According to the social learning theory ppls behavior is not fixed rather it is subject to change depending on the circumstances. It also presupposes that ppl are inherently evil and with guidance and positive influences can turn to good people. Thus, that said, psychologists and sociologists can develop programs and lessons that can be used to turn behavioral issues around


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